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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Think Math...What is it?

We are loving "Think Math!" I originally saw this idea on Deanna Jump's website. Each morning before our math lesson or work stations, the students participate in a Think Math problem. The way this works is that I give the students the answer and they have to create the problem/number sentence during our class discussion. I then write their ideas on the easel or chart paper and we solve them together.

Yesterday's problem was: I have 10 Christmas trees, what are some ways to make the number 10? I then discuss what the difference between addition and subtraction is. We call addition, peanut butter and jelly because we are putting things together. We call subtraction, cracking an egg because we are breaking things apart. The students are really thinking in depth about numbers AND number patterns during these Think Math warm ups. The following are some of there answers for the problems above: 1+9, 9+1 (we always "flip flop" the problems because they are the same numbers just a different order when we add) others were:  5+4+1, 14-4, 13-3, 12-2, 100-90, 15-4-1....the students created 18 different ways to make 10 in a matter of 20 minutes without any help!!

Think Math allows for differentiation to take place for each child and a range of deeper level thinking. I encourage you to try this strategy at home, you can come up with any kind of problem, you will be amazed at what your child can come up with!

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