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Monday, January 2, 2012


If you know what this site is then you know the AMAZING ideas you can find on it. If you don't know about the Pinterest website then I strongly suggest you check it out; however, here is my warning- you WILL spend immense amounts of time and stay up very LATE and may lose sleep because you are laying in bed thinking of all the ideas you want to try! I have several Pinterest boards which include topics relating to : classroom ideas, (I've already used tons in our classroom this year and will be incorporating others very soon!),  DIY, fashion, photo ops, and wedding ideas (I'm not getting married, a girl can dream right??). Anyways the amount of ideas and varying topics are amazing, I will click on one pin and the next thing I know I am off on a tangent and have 7 webpages open! I am a firm believer in this site, CHECK IT OUT! You can follow one or all of my boards by simply typing in my name into the search box, choosing the people tab and clicking on my name OR if you need an invitation to join the site email me and I can easily send you an invite to the most amazing site ever! Enjoy!!


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